What it's all about........

Part art and part science, fusing glass is a continuous learning process that fills a great deal of my time. I am still amazed with each piece that comes out of the kiln. The following are some of the pieces that I had made in the past few years.

While most of these pieces have been sold, if you see something you like just drop me an email and I will be glad to customize a piece for you.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Latest Work

Sunset in December, 16" bowl

Wildfire, 16" bowl
Grand Prismatic Spring
Yellowstone National Park

Montana Stone Fence
                   The technique used in these two pieces reminds me of river rock or old stone fences

Walk to the River

Rocky Mt. High


Dinnerware, pears or apples
2 Tone bowls, 7"

Green/Blue 7" bowl

Photos on Glass

Timberline Lodge /photo

Lone Wolf/photo

Papa Griz/photo
Front Yard Bear/photo

Bear, Wolf, Sheep (Bison available) photos 3"

Bison, Wolf, Grizzly, Ram 4" coasters, photo


Snowflake friends, about 5"

Birds in flight

Whimsy Bird

Gingerbread Gal, about 4"

Gerspacher Bear/photo. 3"

Big Horn Sheep/photo 3"
Lone Wolf, photo 3"
Little Cub, 3"

Christmas tree assortment, 10"

Montana Wildlife Series

Brown Moose
Lone moose -
Available in Moose, Deer, Elk, Bear
Marching Cubs

Li'l Cub ornament

Dichroic Bear on Gold & Black

Lone Griz/Black border

Standing Bison

Griz Mom

Lone Bison

Moose on the March
Looking for Water
Bear, Bison, Deer, Elk, Moose available

Storm's a' brewing, marble base

Gold/Black bear on marble bse

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pears & Apples

11 x 12" Pear on vanilla w/red and amber

6 x 10"  Ripe pears on vanilla w/blue border

Single pear on vanilla w/amber border
8 x 15" Tray

Pair of pears on vanilla w/blue border

Single pear on vanilla w/blue border

Gold pear on blue

Single apple w/spring green border

3 apples on white w/red border

Tiny Plates, Tea Bag Holders

Multi-colored 3" plates

Blue tones 3" plates

Blue/green with dots 3" plates